Kimm Antell
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Walking on a Thin Line
Too Hip to be Square  
  "a dog is just a dog until he's facing you, then he's Mr. Dog" - Jamaican saying…always stretching for a hold on notoriety; grasping mediocrity; thrust into insanity; baseball; never able to say no to a good person who needs help; too chicken to say no to an annoying person who asks for help; stay away from the bad people: smokers, deforesters and racists; all the really good movies start with a G - Gigi, Gladiator, Good Fellas, Ghostbusters; I wish I could be a heroine in an Amanda Quick novel; except for Gangs of New York; I sometimes feel like people are just humoring me; never going to be a saint though the bishop told me so; is it wrong to think that Porphyria's Lover and A Rose for Emily are cool, sick little stories?"John Donne, Anne Donne, Undone" - John Donne, pre-1609  
La Japonaise by Claude Monet
Trafalgar Square     Rennaisance Square