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The Devil's Coffeehouse space

2003 - In rewrite. Austin, TX: Satan has enterred Angelica's Coffeehouse and, in a burst of frustration over his boring life stuck behind a desk in Hell, he realizes what a joy it would be to repeat the day over and over again and "experiement" with the patrons. Diana eventually realizes what is going on and vows to stop him at all costs. What started as mere amusement becomes a battle between good and evil and evil is winning.

Genre: Black Comedy

The Hanging Tree

2008 - Cedric works a boring job in a boring company in his boring life. One night while he was working on a particularly boring piece of code, he noticed that the Coke machine wasn't communicating to him in code. Okay, not exactly communicating, but it was flickering in a pattern. More investigation leads to an infestation of brownies in the office space.

Genre: Contemporary Fantasy

2001 - In Columbus, Texas, there is an historical oak known as "The Hanging Tree." I was fascinated by this tree as a child and that fascination has carried into adulthood. I wondered what it would take to hang a man on that tree. And the fear that I felt as a child and the anger I now feel as an adult at the horrible thing that this beautiful, majestic tree was forced to behold made me write this story about a boy in the 1940's who is forced to decide between his uncle, the sheriff, and what is right.

Genre: Drama


original plays

Prophetic Justice
In the Court of Good and Evil
The Royal Masquerade
A Midwinter Knight's Dream
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2003 - Three royal families meet at the kingdom of the Corleone family in order to settle their differences and band together to defeat the dread DeVito family of the West. But wait... footmen keep dying and a mysterious prophecy turns up. Will King Anthony and Queen Carmela manage to keep everyone from killing each other in time to find the real antagonist? In homage to the Gofather genre, this dinner play asks the question: "What if all the royal families were in the mafia?"

Genre: Comedy Dinner Theatre

2000 - Inspired by Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman, this dinner play follows the angel, Aziraphale, and the demon, Crowley, as they each attempt to finally prove which is stronger: good or evil. By using the the members and guests of the royal family, they slowly reveal which characters are corrupt and which ones stand on the side of purity. The final swordfight proves nothing and Aziraphale and Crowley have to decide the battle with an old-fashioned game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. Originally written for the SEC's Madrigal Dinner at the University of Texas at Austin which is a non-profit organization.

Genre: Comedy Dinner Theatre

1997 - King Christopher has come back to win the hand of his betrothed whom he hasn't seen since childhood. However, Princess Samantha has grown into a strong-willed young woman who isn't interested in boys. To try to win her heart, the king trades places with his wizard, Master X, in the hopes of observing Samantha and find a way to soften her harsh exterior.

Genre: Comedy Dinner Theatre

1995 - A parody of A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court, this dinner play goes in a different direction. Two students and a professor are whisked into the past by the wizard in an attempt to protect King Sebastian and his royal court from the Lady Elaine who turns out to be an evil wizard. The allusions to Arthurian legend are aplenty.

Genre: Comedy Dinner Theatre

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Deus Ex Caffeina FronteraFest 2003   Cancel My Apocalypse on Thursday - FronteraFest 2002

January 28, 2003 - Hyde Park Theatre - Imagine that you are God and/or Satan and you handled souls like they were baseball cards. Would you meet at home to decide what trades to make? Of course not. Who knows what souls Satan would corrupt while in heaven? And God would certainly change the decor in Hell. So, you meet in a coffeehouse to decide the fate of the souls that will be delivered to the afterlife this year. This one act discovers how puny our mortal souls are in the face of two divine beings and how not to wait on the devil.

Genre: Black Comedy


February 5, 2002 - Hyde Park Theatre - What happens when you have 3 high sturng, medeival monks who misinterpret, well, everything? The world comes to an end. Or so they think. This one act follows brothers Aramatheus, Nicodemus and Zacharius as they attempt to confess their sins before being thrust into the final battle between good and evil. Only Mother Mary Frances and Brother Bob are brave enough to untangle the web that they weave as they find the truth to just what is happening in the abbey. Sisters Mary Lazarus and Hedwig offer the whip and love needed to put these monks straight.

Genre: Black Comedy

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